Saturday, February 23, 2008

Catalog Choice

My mailbox was regularly overflowing with catalogs and fliers I never even glanced at, let alone ordered from. They would go straight into the recycling bin, but so many resources are wasted in creating this marketing noise that rarely gets paid attention to: trees and power to make the paper, fossil fuels to deliver the paper ingredients to the paper factories and the finished products to mailboxes, dyes to print the catalogs, and jacked-up prices on the products inside to cover all of these costs.

What a waste!

Luckily, lots of merchants are starting to feel the same way and are partnering with Catalog Choice. The free service allows consumers to opt out of receiving catalogs and advertisements from specific vendors. When you sign up, you tell them what you no longer wish to receive -- you can still get the ones you want!

So far, Catalog Choice members have opted out of nearly seven million pieces and saved untold pounds of carbon, tree pulp, water and fossil fuels. An easy way to stay green!

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