Friday, April 4, 2008

Leo DiCaprio buys a green NYC condo

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t just tout green causes -- he walks the walk. In addition to driving a Prius, having solar panels placed on his LA home and serving on the board of directors of Global Green USA, Leo just purchased a green condo in NYC’s Riverhouse.

Riverhouse, an eco-friendly community overlooking the Hudson River in the Battery Park City area of Manhattan, is slated for occupancy this summer. The complex features a 264-unit condominium glass tower overlooking the river and a park, low emission paints, a 24-hour fresh filtered air system, a water treatment facility and rotating solar panels.

According to the property’s website, residents receive the following green benefits:

1. Clean air - Fresh air is filtered twice before entering residences. Indoor humidity levels are adjusted seasonally.
2. Pure water - Water purification is provided by an on-site filtration system.
3. Healthy interiors - Local, renewable materials and non-toxic, low- or non-pollutant paints, sealants and adhesives are used throughout the buildings.
4. Solar energy - A custom photovoltaic grid caps each building, maximizing the amount of energy captured for clean, usable energy.
5. Green roofs - 75% of roof space will be planted with greenery, creating parks in the sky.

But green doesn’t come cheap, at least not on this property. Prices start at $895,000.

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